Learn the art of learning from a master


Joshua Waitzkin is a world champion in chess and taichi push hands, has a black belt in Brazilian jiu jitsu, and is the author of The Art of Learning.This book is an autobiography in which Waitzkin shares his story from childhood fame in chess, to college, and then the world of tai chi push hands. He weaves philosophical insights throughout the book, all rooted in his perspective and experience in two highly competitive sports.Waitzkin makes a captivating story of his life through great writing and powerful ideas. I loved the book so much that I gave it to the person sitting next to me on the plane when I finished it. We had quickly become friends because of our shared obsession with books, so I gave her my copy of The Art of Learning right then and there. We\’ve stayed in contact with each other and she\’s emphasized how powerful the book was for her as well.If I had another copy I\’d give it to you too, but here are my notes and quotes from the book:

Once one pushes through the self-imposed limitations of their mind, they can see that truth exists in everythingCultivate openness to the connections in lifeIn any pursuit, drill the foundation so deep that you stop thinking and start feelingRather than pave over the world of thorns, make sandalsBe more interestedOpponents know you like nobody else. They can profoundly and relentlessly push you to excellence\”If aggression meets empty space it tends to defeat itself\”\”We must take responsibility for ourselves, and not expect the rest of the world to understand what it takes to become the best that we can become\”Awareness of everything is destructive. Focus on what matters.It\’s all a mind game

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