The bridge to the soul


Something had been drawing me to 800 year-old Sufi poet Rumi for a while, but I never acted on it until I checked out Rumi: Bridge to the Soul by Coleman Barks from my library.I read the book in a day because poetry goes fast when you only read it one time through. But after reading, it became clear that these kinds of books are ones that I need to own. Rumi’s poetry is evocative, colorful and profound. I feel that it is something I must return to consistently in order to fully appreciate it. I enjoyed it even more because of the sense of wonder that I felt towards the recognition that Rumi lived so long ago in a different place, and people still connect with his work. I think that is a testament to the timeless and global appeal of his work.I had to test him though. After reading the book, I sent one of the poems to my girlfriend in a virtual love letter. She cried happy tears so that’s how you know it’s legit.Rumi goes hard – check out some of his standout lines from the book:

“If someone asks, But what is love?Answer, Dissolving the will” “A wealth you cannot imagineFlows through you” “Move into the moment of your death.Consider what you truly want.” “Be glad the refining fireIs around you” “Today’s rejection may turnTomorrow to an invitation” “This is the conversation of beingA human being, the living doubleness.Cool and in motion like water,Placed and passionate like fire.” “What is great in man is that he is a bridge, and not a goal” – Nietzsche

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