51. Dreaming Big with Anthony Ireland

Anthony Ireland is a graduate of Loyal Marymount University, he played nine years of basketball professionally in Europe, and he is the founder of the AI three Leadership Academy and host of the Grind podcast. In this episode, we talk about his love of basketball and reading and his journey with both over the years. You’ll love this conversation as much as we did!
:46 What Anthony has been up to recently
1:43 Anthony’s non-profit
3:07 Why Anthony Pursued Basketball in the first place
4:23 What kept Anthony in the game
5:14 What LMU was like
6:44 What he learned from being there
7:32 Anthony’s journey with reading
12:45 Transitioning from college to Pro in Europe
15:00 Favorite memory from Europe
16:03 Crazy European Fans
18:06 Being Black in Europe
19:47 Malcolm X
22:24 Being a Multifaceted Person
25:00 Starting his Basketball Academy
28:00 Anthony’s podcast
31:10 The 5 AM Club
36:00 Anthony’s Book Recommendation

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