6. Part 2: Why I Haven’t Stopped Thinking About The Color Purple for 18 YEARS with Dr. Jakeya Caruthers

In this episode we talk about The Color Purple by Alice Walker with our guest, Dr. Jakeya Caruthers. Jakeya is an Assistant Professor of African & African American Studies and Women’s and Gender Studies at Berea College. She is a scholar of black political humor; cultural coherence and memory within contemporary black aesthetic movements; and issues of race, gender, sexuality, and (resistance to) state discipline.

For her, The Color Purple is “the book that I haven’t stopped thinking about for 18 years”. That’s a big blank and it turned into a big 2 part conversation. In the second half, we continue the conversation and bring in themes of God, fractals, healing your inner child, settler and extractive colonialism, human relationships with their ecosystems and more.

We loved this conversation and hope you enjoy it too!

Jakeya’s Bio

The Color Purple on Bookshop.org

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Critical Aunty Studies

Evelyn Hammond’s Black (W)holes

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