49. We Real Cool: Breaking Down bell hooks’ Book on Black Masculinity

What a joy this episode was to record! bell hooks is one of our favorite authors and there is still so much we have to learn from her work. In this episode, we talk about one of our favorite books of hers, We Real Cool. We discuss what our favorite chapters are, whether or not we agree with her analysis and so many different aspects of masculinity and Black masculinity in particular. Share this episode with someone you think would appreciate it! Leave a review while you’re here too!

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0:51 Our podcast with Blacks With Books

2:30 How we stumbled upon We Real Cool

5:13 The Gwendolyn Brooks Poem the Book is Named After

6:43 The main problem facing Black men

8:18 bell hooks’ quote from the preface

10:40 What stood out to Jan most about the book

11:00 Thinking About School and Childhood

14:01 White Patriarchy

16:45 Plantation Patriarchy

18:04 The NFL

19:30 The neuroscience of absolute power

20:49 From Angry Boys to Angry Men

23:10 When Black Boys are quiet and obedient

25:12 How to use anger as a positive

26:30 Sex in Today’s World

28:16 We are born sensual

30:35 You are not alone

32:38 Which male problem is the root of all of them

34:02 What happens when your emotional needs aren’t met…

36:17 Masculinity and earning potential

38:12 Women’s influence on men today

40:33 How We Real Cool Makes Us Better Men

42:54 Being Warm

44:38 Debates about what a man is

46:55 bell hooks’ legacy

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