42. Why Real Ballers Read

In this episode, we talk about why Real Ballers Read, the origin of the phrase, why reading is important to us, how our relationship to reading has changed over time and how you can start to strengthen your own reading habits. This episode has been years in the making! We know you’ll love it. Subscribe to our podcast and leave a review!

1:31 The Story of When Our Mom First Said Real Ballers Read

4:49 How Our Dad Helped Us Love Reading through Basketball

8:14 The Origins of Real Ballers Read

11:15 The importance of the Self-Help book phase

15:40 Favorite Self help books

18:20 The Whiteness of Self-Help Books

20:00 Miles’ favorite self help book

22:02 Black Self Help Authors

22:20 How Stories of Personal Growth Inspire Potential

24:37 How Our Relationship to reading has changed in the last two years

30:26 How Our Definition of a Ballers Has Changed

32:23 Reading Now vs Reading 80 years ago

34:23 The Joy of Talking to Other People About Books

37:08 What makes reading seem pretentious?

46:26 How School Ruins Reading

48:57 How Meditation Compares to Reading

50:45 Mindfulness Industry vs. The Book Publishing Industry

52: 39 The Personal and Societal Consequences of Reading

57:00 How to Build Your Reading Habits

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