How to Chop Onions and Shoot Free Throws within pages of each other


If you want to learn how to learn any skill faster and more effectively, this is a great book for you.

Tim Ferriss is a master of self-experimentation. He loves to learn and master any skill, ranging from dancing the tango to speaking Japanese.  He compiled his health-related experiments in 4 Hour Body and put everything else in this book.

It\’s a massive book with lots of pictures and diagrams so check it out in person if you have the chance.  I also do not have as many notes for this book because I think that the book is laid out in a reference guide kind of style. He applies the same \”learning recipe\” to each skill he learns but it is different each time based on the context.

But here is a quick preview of things you could learn from the book with my highlights.

You can become world-class in anything in six months or less!

Understand the extremes and the middle will take care of itself.

What you study is more important than how you study, material beats method

Recipe for learning any skill

      • D- Deconstruction, what are the minimal learnable units that I should be starting with
      • S- Selection, what 20% accounts for 80% of the outcome
      • S- Sequencing, what order should I learn the minimal learnable units
      • S- Stakes, what consequences should I set up to guarantee that I follow the program

(Read in 2015)

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