45. You Owe You: Ignite Your Power, Your Purpose and Your Why

In this episode, Miles interviews Jan about Eric Thomas’ new book, You Owe You. We have been fans of ET’s message for some time and this book did not disappoint. It brought all of the energy and focus of his speeches in an even more personal package.

0:41 Background on Eric Thomas

2:08 What surprised Jan most about You Owe You

3:38 Eric Thomas’ Childhood story

5:30 How Jan clarified his purpose from reading this book

8:49 What Jan owes himself

10:04 Jan’s daily non-negotiables

11:34 The Journey to Understanding What You Need

15:40 Having an Abundance Mindset with Time and Energy

17:47 The difference between presence and avoidance

19:22 What reading brings you

20:24 We Avoid Things that Have the Most Potential to Change Us

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