There’s a good chance that you think the world is worse off than it is

Hans Rosling, his son Ola and his daughter-in-law Anna, want you to not be so ignorant about the world. At the start of the book, they give a quiz about certain world facts, like poverty and literacy rate. They then have you grade the quiz and tell you that a group of chimpanzees, who randomly picked the answers for the quiz, tested better than human beings did.

Our ignorance about the world has been largely influenced by the news and the Rosling family helps you unlearn this misinformation throughout the book.This is a really informative and light read that I recommend to everyone.

Gap instinct- wrongfully dividing the world into two boxes, rich and poor, west and the rest
75% of people live in middle-income countries
Averages mislead by hiding a spread with a single number.
When we compare two averages, we risk misleading ourselves even more by focusing on the gap between the two numbers and missing the overlapping spreadsRealize that good news is not news, gradual improvement is also not news
The world truly has become must safer than the news showsResist finding a scapegoat to problems, steals focus from other possible explanations

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