The Making of Asian America

NGL we love to say “Real Ballers Read!” more than anybody👀🤣

BUT it’s great to hear it from a friend who believes in the message too.

Our homie @jimmywutron is one such friend that’s always reading something deep and interesting.

🚨Check out his guest review for The Making of Asian America: A History by Erika Lee:

“This book was crucial for me in filling in the gaps my high school and college history courses left out.

Lee argues that \”Asian Americans\” as a group are more diverse, and more interesting, than we\’re used to believing.

Ultimately she challenged me to rethink long held myths of hard working Chinese immigrants and look carefully at the long history of displacement, migration, assimilation, and activism from the continent of Asia, highlighting the uncanny similarities between Asian immigrants in the past and our political language surrounding South American, Mexican, and Middle Eastern Immigrants today.”

Thanks for the recommendation Jimmy!

Other than the quick Japanese Internment Camps drive-by… my history classes *never* covered Asian American history.

That’s unacceptable 🤬 but luckily for us, learning *never* stops, especially when you got friends who put you on to books like this!

We love shouting out our friends in posts. Who are you favorite book-plug friends?

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