Some predictions on our 21st century future


This was surprisingly a pretty inspiring book. Kevin Kelly is the founding executive editor of Wired Magazine so he thinks a lot about technology and its effect on the planet.  I recommend it if you are at all worried about losing your job to artificial intelligence. Here are my notes.

There has never been a great time human history to begin. (just when you wanted to give up because \”all the app ideas are taken\”)

Maybe the purpose of humans was to create intelligence that biology couldn\’t.

70% of jobs will be taken in the coming decades 

Artificial intelligence will force us to ask who we really are as human beings.

Let the robots take your job and think of new work that matters!

Immediacy, personalization, interpretation, authenticity, accessibility, patronage, discoverability will all be valued more

A good question; creates new territories of thinking generates more good questions may be the last job computers learn to do

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