Ready to start waking up at 5AM? Join the Club!


The 5AM Club takes the philosophy and experience of leadership expert Robin Sharma, and wraps it into a wild adventure. It\’s a fictional story about an artist and entrepreneur who meet a mysterious old man and learn the ways of the uber-successful. It reads like Paulo Coelho’s The Alchemist, but less good, with bursts of philosophy weaved into the larger story.\"\"Yes, the book does argue for waking up at 5AM, and that is primarily because the quiet hours from 5AM to the start of the workday are the best hours to spend on self-care, self-improvement, and going after your dreams. But no matter when you wake up, The 5AM Club will motivate you to implement some of the strategies and tactics that top performers in every field use to rise and stay at the top. More than anything, this book emphasizes the power of routine. Sharma argues that when people do the things that are valuable for us in the long run, like build routine, sleep well, exercise, express gratitude, and learn, we ultimately unlock our potential for success and fulfillment as human beings.Would I read this book again? Definitely not. It got to be too much thrown at me, when the most important thing is putting better habits into practice. But I can\’t deny that it is a solid read for someone who is just starting out in the adventure of self-improvement, like how I was last year. It\’s full of tactics that helped me, and might help you on your way.Another thing about the premise of this book: waking up at 5AM does not guarantee you anything from anybody. I\’ve done it before and it felt amazing, but ultimately what you choose to work on is more important than how you do it.Here are some of my quotes and notes from The 5AM Club:

\”World class begins where your comfort zone ends\”\”One who sweats less in training bleeds more in war\” – Spartan credo apparentlyBeing called \”crazy\” is the price of greatness. Well, one price of greatness\”If everything seems under control you\’re not going fast enough\” – Formula 1 Racer Mario Andretti\”Everybody can be great because anybody can serve\”\”Pressure is a privilege\” – Billie Jean KingHabit formation is hard at the beginning, messy (and hard) in the middle, and beautiful once it\’s automaticSelf-respect must be earned everyday. Get it, and it can never be taken away.\”The 20/20/20 Model\” – First thing in the morning, move for 20 minutes (walk, run, exercise), reflect for 20 minutes(meditate, journal, write gratitude), and grow for 20 minutes (read, listen to podcasts, practice skills)

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