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Libertarians are often misunderstood. There isn\’t a single Libertarian Party representative in the House or Senate but the most Libertarian-leaning individuals are Republicans like Rand Paul or Ron Paul. The author of this book David Boaz, is the Executive Vice President of the Cato Institute, which was co-founded by Charles Koch.

The mention of Charles Koch\’s association with Libertarianism surely makes people not want to touch this book with a ten-foot pole but I think that everyone can benefit from a more comprehensive understanding of the ideology and take one positive and constructive idea about the influence of government from this book.Here are my notes to get you interested.

Libertarianism is the philosophy of freedom, that each person has the right to live their life in any way they choose so long as they respect equal rights of othersKarl Popper- attempts to create heaven on earth invariably produce hellLao Tzu- without law or compulsion, people would dwell in harmony1 Samuel 8 in the Bible- God tells Samuel why people shouldn\’t want a king, \”This is what the king who will reign over you will do: He will take your sons and make them serve with his chariots and horses…\”Fundamental rights can not conflict, any claim of fundamental rights must mean a misinterpretation of fundamental rightsDepoliticization of our cultural disagreements would go a long way toward de-escalating the culture war (i.e abortion)Half of people in federal prisons are there on non-violent drug charges- they did not take away anyone\’s rights or freedom for consuming or selling drugsThere are over 300,000 possible federal criminal violationsStory of George Norris, bought illegal orchid flowers and SWAT team raided his house, spent 2 years in prison and 71 days in solitary confinementFrom 1940 to 1964 American kept giving more and more to charities until the Great Society when the trend was reversedHow many problems are likely to get solved when the government disincentivizes problem-solving?If you don\’t solve a problem, say that it\’s getting worse, you can get more state and federal moneyIf you improve children\’s test scores or solve another problem, state will see that you don\’t need more money 

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