Watering Whole


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Before this little book was a little book, it was a daily walk along the Mad, Stillwater, and Great Miami Rivers of Dayton, Ohio. A constant questioning of my personal and cultural relationship with water, and a listening for the emotionality of water as expressed through Black art. Because through all of the uncertainty that comes with growing up in a dying world – I find comfort, curiosity and courage in the waters that we are born in and return to every day of our lives. 

     When you buy Watering Whole, you will hold in your heart and hands what was completely created with my own. The portable size of Watering Whole is inspired by the countless pocket notebooks that I carried and poured into for the last five years. The cover is inspired by the rivers of Dayton, that confluence of beautiful, painful forces that nurtured the poet within me. Watering Whole cycles between the poetry I received over the last two years and reflection questions that can bring us back to the basics of our relationship with the waters of the world. 

      Everything about this little book – the paper, spacing, hand-stitched binding and waterproof cover – seeks to give you an intimate reading experience and follow you on your journey as we follow water together.




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