Maybe it happens to you too.

We’re out somewhere, anywhere, and someone looks at us with burning curiosity.

We already know what they are thinking:
Wow they’re young and black and tall, they must play sports.

Then we predict exactly what they are preparing to say:
“Wow you all are so tall! Do you play basketball? You must be a baller!”

Lord knows how many people approach us like this.

We do play basketball, and many other sports, because they are fun to play. But our mom continues to remind us that “real ballers read.”

School often makes reading look like the most uncool, dreadful thing a kid can do. It wasn’t until we followed our interests outside of syllabi, essays and grades, that we realized how beneficial reading books was for our growth. Years (and hundreds of books) later, we’re owning up to our passion and spreading the good news:

It\’s cool to be curious.

This venture is an opportunity to share our interests, values, and service with individuals and communities around the world who want to feel empowered and belonging with others through books.

Here\’s to balling,

Jan and Miles