Not Caring What Other People Think Is A Super Power


He\’s a U.S. veteran, physics and math double-majoring, professional heavyweight-boxing, chess-playing, poetry-writing, Twitter-influencing, best-selling…Everyone could learn something from Ed Latimore.The man is a self-made Renaissance Man, whose sharp, no-nonsense philosophy could benefit anyone. Not Caring What Other People Think Is A Super Power was my introduction to Latimore\’s ideas, and the book is a compilation of his tweets, short essays, and poetry. I don\’t have Twitter, but have read Latimore\’s newsletter and blog consistently in the two years since I first read his book. He\’s easy to find and worth following. Get the book if you want/need a fire lit under your ass, and be on the look out for better ones to come.This book is overflowing with memorable quotes. Here are some standout quotes and notes from the book:

\”If you cannot force yourself to take action towards your goals, nothing else you do matters\”\”Be grateful when something doesn\’t come easy to you. It forces you to learn the value of hard work\”\”You have within you a story that someone who also speaks your language will pay to read. Write this book\”\”Discipline is freedom\”\”The only way to tell the difference between what is impossible and what is merely difficult is to put forth an intense and earnest effort\”\”Be so good that people think you are cheating\”\”Pain is as much a part of life as happiness\”\”Stagnation is death\”

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