I am because we are


Most Americans are not kind to one another, especially when we disagree on political and religious beliefs. We seem to treat civility like a luxury, but Shola Richards shows us that it is really a necessity for the survival of democracy, and living well in general.In his book Go Together, Richards introduces the reader to the Nguni Bantu word Ubuntu, which means \”I am because we are.\” With the help of his experience in improving workplace cultures, Richards describes what it means to practice the love, connection and the spirit of generosity associated with Ubuntu, as well as what it takes to achieve it around the nation.I recommend the book because it focuses on the importance of cultivating our personal and peripheral relationships in daily life. It\’s an especially useful read for leaders and those aspiring to be one.Here are some of my notes and quotes from the book:

\”hurt people hurt people\”\”Curiosity is the first step toward connection\”\”How could any one of us be happy if all the others were sad?\”Judgement assumes we know everything about a person when we definitely have incomplete informationIt\’s harder to love than to hate, therefore it takes courage to love\”No raindrop ever believed it was responsible for the flood\”At least three people are impacted by my behavior in any given situation: myself, the person receiving the action, and anyone who witnesses it.Behavior, rather than beliefs, makes the individual a better person and makes the world a better place\”I\’m not as interested in what you have to tell and sell as in how you choose to live and give\”

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