Discover the warrior within


I have read Bruce Lee’s work since elementary school, but I did not read my first biography of him until college with John Little’s The Warrior Within. Little is the expert on Bruce Lee, having written and edited most of the books out there.I loved reading his book because he shares so much love and respect for legendary-kung-fu-master-movie-star. Bruce Lee has been a huge influence in my life and his wisdom is timeless. Check him out after these notes and quotes:\"\"

The warrior within can be one’s greatest hero if marshaled, one’s greatest enemy if misdirected“If you learn the ways of the universe – if you learn exactly what is in your control and what is not – your life suddenly becomes far less problematic”“When you understand the root, you understand all of its blossoming”If you are not growing then you are dying“You can’t organize truth. That’s like trying to put a pound of water into wrapping paper and shaping it”“I came here in a great mood, so why would I choose to allow someone to ruin it?”“Practical dreamers never quit”

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