Dick Gregory’s Natural Diet for Folks Who Eat

“My formal education was designed to teach me how to make a living, it never got around to teaching me how to live!

I was taught about civilization’s attempt to control Nature and about the ongoing war against Nature. I was never taught that the most important thing in life was learning to live in harmony with nature.”

Dick Gregory was far ahead of his time in this 1973 book and details how and why he stopped eating the Standard American Diet. That’s right – – “S.A.D.” for short 😖😂

Reading his explanations for how our bodily organs work and need to be nourished was definitely informative even though I don’t plan to adopt his extreme eating lifestyle.

And because its written by Dick Gregory, the book is also full of hilarious jokes that may even help you look at food differently.

Like any health book, certainly consult your doctor before making any changes to your lifestyle based on this book, but I still recommend it as an informative and easy to read resource.

Learning about health has never been this funny and enjoyable!!

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