Be your own best friend


You are your own best friend, or your own worst enemy.In Positive Intelligence, Shirzad Chamine expands on this truth with an explanation of the main ways people self-inflict misery or create enjoyable lives. This book is a great start for understanding the power of your mind. I especially recommend it for anyone that can relate to any or all of these feelings:

  • My self acceptance is conditional on good behavior, performance, and other people’s approval of me
  • My rational mind is the most important form of intelligence I possess
  • I am surrounded by dangerous threats and must stay on guard at all times

Here are my notes and quotes from the book:

Some beliefs and thinking habits helped protect us as children, but they limit our growth in adulthoodThe internal “Judge is often mistaken as a tough-love voice of reason” but is the main way that you sabotage yourselfOut of every bad situation, come up with at least three gifts that came from it“External circumstances account for only 10% of variation in happiness”“Most people have more potential than they have tapped”What do you aspire to? The more clearer your answers are, the better off you will be

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