Be Water My Friend by Shannon Lee

\”Life itself is your teacher, and you are in a constant state of learning.\” – Bruce Lee

Through his thoughtful and action packed movies and writings, Bruce Lee introduced me to philosophy and the process of lifelong learning.

A source of deep inspiration, he constantly reminds me to pay attention, listen deeply, and FEEEEEEEL. (Comment if you catch that reference👀)

In her book, Be Water, My Friend, Shannon Lee has written an excellent tribute to honor her father’s legacy and explain his philosophy’s relevance for our everyday lives. I’ve read all of Bruce Lee’s work several times, but Shannon Lee’s perspective made it all feel new.

The fact that I have connected so deeply to Bruce Lee’s philosophy while living such different lives in different eras never ceases to amaze me. It’s a testament not only to his timeless genius, but also to the power of reading. Books are bridges between time and space – who’s someone special that they have allowed you to connect with??

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