69. Race Matters: Talking About Cornel West’s Classic

This April was the 30th anniversary of Race Matters by Cornel West. It’s a great book that I wanted to just sit on the couch to talk to y’all about!

Highly recommend reading through the book if you haven’t, it’s not as academic as it may seem.

You can check out the book with this link.

:40 How I found the book 

1:39 A little context for the book 

4:33 Nihilism in Black America 

6:32 What does hope mean to you? 

10:45 Marvin Gaye Interview 

14:46 Those darn market forces!

16:27 “The Crisis of Black Leadership” 

19:30 The three types of leaders

23:46 BLM and the Obama Era 

26:21 Courage

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