57. Why It’s Important for Black Men to Read

In this episode, we talk about why it’s important for Black men to read! This is a topic we’ve been thinking about for a long time and want continue thinking and talking about with others. Let us know your thoughts and questions!

:32 Why is it important for Black men to read?

:49 Reading as a practice of listening

3:39 The Fear of not being heard

6:22 Why Reading has so many positive side effects

9:30 Miles’ general theory for the difference between why Black Men and Black Women read

11:23 Stereotypes of Black men talking about Black men

17:15 Topics and Issues Around Black men that must be addressed

17:15 Our relationship with ourselves

18:07 Our relationship with Black women

19:01 Our relationship with the queer community

20:17 The education system

24: 46 Our journey with Real Ballers Read

28:20 Owning who we are

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