54. Seeing a Sermon in Action with Daniel Cast

Because sometimes somebody can give a sermon through words that subtly, yet significantly, respects our humanity. And sometimes somebody can give a sermon without saying a word.

Our newest guest on the Real Ballers Read podcast is one of our favorite bookstagrammers and low-key authors – Daniel Cast!!

We’ve been vibing with his reflections and recommendations for more than a minute, so it was great to finally chop it up with Daniel about The Undocumented Americans by Karla Cornejo Villavicencio, why art is alive, his love of Flamin’ Hot Cheetos and more.

Daniel is dope and definitely somebody for everybody to watch out for and listen to. Check out the full run down of the episode below and tune in this weekend wherever you listen to podcasts!

And hey – who else out here is a Flamin’ Hot Cheetos fan??

0:48 A note on Daniel’s incredible captions

3:02 How Daniel found the Undocumented Americans

5:17 Everyone has a story

7:05 Black and brown bodies

8:00 How Daniel relates to the book

11:16 Seeing a sermon in action

14:15 How Daniel expresses himself through writing

16:05 What is so important about language?

18:13 Music is alive

19:51 Voodoo

22:54 Songwriters that Daniel loves

24:29 Writers that Daniel loves

28:21 Telling stories in very little words

29:53 Album transitions

31:53 How Daniel approaches his book reviews

34:56 The difference between LA people and Compton people

39:52 Daniel’s journey to being a multi-creative

42:46 Daniel’s crazy hilarious snacks story

46:10 Flamin’ Hot Cheetos’ origin story

47:43 How Daniel describes his writing

50:28 The story behind Daniel’s book

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