52. Celebrating Black Women for Who They Are with Shanita Hubbard

In this episode, we talk with Shanita Hubbard, the author of the new book Ride or Die: A Feminist Manifesto for the Well-Being of Black Women. We had an awesome time hearing from Shanita about her journey writing Ride or Die, why we must stop imposing and glorifying a Ride or Die mentality on Black women, how she’s growing as a parent, her favorite hip-hop artists and more. This is an incredible book and an incredible episode! You’ll love it as much as we did.

Ride or Die Book Link

Shanita’s Website

0:00 Shanita Hubbard Intro!

2:21 The Black community’s response to Shanita’s book

3:55 bell hooks’ legacy

6:05 What is a Ride or Die?

12:39 Shanita’s Story with the term

15:51 What Shanita felt writing the book

22:20 The Cost of the Ride or Die mentality

27:25 Shanita’s relationship with hip-hop now

30:43 F-R-E-E F.N.F

33:34 Sexual Freedom and Patriarchy

36:58 What Shanita has learned as a parent

44:36 Praising Black women without dehumanizing them

46:46 What Restorative Justice can look on a community level

52:12 Shanita’s Top 5 (SPECIAL EDITION)

59:40 Future Top 5 entries from new rappers

1:09:41 Anti-Blackness disguised as fandom

1:13:46 The Uses of Anger for Shanita

1:17:44 Shanita’s Book Recs

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