47. Part 2. Keeping It Real with Reggie Bailey

In this Part 2 episode, Jan and Miles keep talking with Reggie Bailey— the man behind @reggiereads and one of the hosts of the awesome podcast, Books Are Pop Culture! We talk about whether or not books should have trigger warnings, Reggie’s 10 Books 10 Decades challenge, and his story of how Books Are Pop Culture started. This is another episode full of gems and energy from Reggie so we know you’ll love it.

Reggie’s Instagram

Books Are Pop Culture Instagram

1:10 Trigger warnings quote

2:10 Reggie’s take on trigger warnings

6:05 Movie and TV Ratings

7:10 The new Marilyn Monroe movie

8:50 Should books have a rating system?

13:10 When Black Trauma Feels Unnecessary or Performative

14:45 Has a book ever triggered Reggie?

17:08 The Bluest Eye

19:15 The Risk in Reducing the Bluest Eye

20:25 Other books Deborah Appleman has written

21:05 Giving kids the freedom to read what they want

22:45 Trigger warnings in the Syllabi

25:05 Why Publishers Maybe Haven’t Done a Rating System

32:39 White Authors Writing About Black People

36:17 How Reggie Started the 10 Books 10 Decades Challenge

37:57 Reading Books Only By Women

43:12 Reggie’s Second Challenge—Two Books Under 50 Reviews

47:47 The Most Rewarding Thing for Reggie doing 10 B 10 D

49:06 Curating Your Own Cannon

52:29 People still be passing in 2022?

54:56 How Books Are Pop Culture Started

1:03:17 Why Reggie and Akili Do What they do

1:08:36 Creating the Culture

1:12:28 What Reggie Would Write About

1:18:53 Reggie’s test for writing success

1:20 Reggie on Kanye

1:22:22 If World Peace Ever Happens…

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