43. Relationships Aren’t Everything…

They are the ONLY thing. In this podcast episode, we talk about all of the places we’ve been in the past couple of years, and how our relationships to each other and our friends and family have changed during that time.
0:50 What We’re Looking Forward to In Chicago
3:31 What DC Means to Jan
5:04 The difference between people and place
5:30 Miles talks about New York City
11:00 How City Stereotypes Affect How You Live there
13:00 Miles talks about teaching in New York City
16:00 All the places we’ve been in the last two years
22.52 What the podcast has meant to us
27:00 The importance of thinking long term
30:20 Jan talking about Wendell Berry’s “Marriage and Poetry”
36:28 How Miles changed how he thought about relationships
39:00 Detaching Self-worth from your income
40:20 Not worrying about other’s validation
41:40 Kobe Bryant’s view of friendships
43:53 Can you care about somebody without spending time with them?
49:20 Starting a relationship podcast?
50:00 The Possible Consequences of Talking Intimately about relationships

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