You think a lot of thoughts.  You think about what you are currently doing, what you would rather be doing, that one time you embarrassed yourself in front of your crush, how that crush became your ex, why you have been farting so much recently,if your ex still thinks about youOther people have thought some thoughts clearer than you have.School ruins books for a lot of people. We are told what to read and how to interpret it. We take frivolous tests and quizzes  But when they are taught and tested in the wrong way they can become not fun very quickly.

Books offer an unequivocal depth of knowledge and teach patience.  In our fast-paced sometimes shallow internet world, there’s something meditative and peaceful about reading a book, offline. It’s just you and the book. Candles on. Marvin Gaye playing in the background.

I have this philosophy that there’s always one book that you should be reading. There’s always a perfect match(are you the one gif)

The words never come out the right way the first time. At least not at my skill level. The key is pushing through my skill level and allowing myself the time and space to suck a little bit. Putting down words is way better than not putting down words at all.

As I was saying. The moment you feel any resistance with a book. You should break up with it for the time being. Over the past two years my brother and I have read a lot of “popular” books in primarily the self-help category. The prospect of reading life-changing wisdom and actionable knowledge really appealed to us. In the past couple of months though, we have felt the need to move on from these kind of books. We have felt like we have grown from them.

There is joy in not-finishing books. If you are going to read for pleasure, read for pleasure. It should entertain you, inform you, motivate you, console you, or just get you thinking. It should be entirely for your benefit.

Go to the library. Depending on your personal tastes, go to the non-fiction section, fiction section or both. Walk through every single aisle and see what you like. Or search the catalog for one book that you want to read and look at all of the books near it.

College dropout Kanye west skits

I love walking through the library, through all of the aisles of books, seeing all of the different authors and the topics that drove their life’s work.

Whenever I’m walking through all of the books, I think about how our world has more information that it could ever use or needs.

We have so much information. We could solve all of the world’s problems with the knowledge that we have.

The problem is that we all have competing visions and don’t have shared wisdom. We have not been able to fully analyze and synthesize and act.

We have been so inundated with information that it has stifled us into inaction on some of these problems.

I have been reading books voraciously because I find it to be the most valuable packaging that can include the best information, knowledge and wisdom.

There is no rating system because those numbers are always completely arbitrary.

Like there are movies that have been rotten on rotten tomatoes, that have changed my life.

Want to make books more popular, reading outside of school just as important

I see reading as borrowing the authority of an author that allows me to take their life experience and give my self permission to not have to mess up or not have to….

Books are the OG virtual reality glasses

And I want to share some of the notes and insights I have gleaned from my reading with this blog.

I don’t want to focus so much on whether a book is good or bad more I want to talk about how the book changed me, contributed to what I know, and recommend someone else to read the book.

If you don’t read often, I hope to inspire you to read more.

If you do read often and want to write about books you like, hit me up and you can do a guest post.

Happy learning

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How far can books really take you?

Writing for me about all these books kind of closes the loop of analysis.

When i know someone else will be reading what i am saying about a book,

I really have to take my time and ensure that i understand what an author is trying to say

Hope this website has helped me sort through everything and also hope helps you sort through things.

I have also realized how much more reading i have to do of classic books and how much i want to talk to people about it.

It’s the coolest thing in the world to me.

What would be even cooler though and actually the coolest thing in the world to me if it happens is when we all start clicking and building community

Want generation z to fix all these problems

Things i don’t want to think about or are a total waste of my time

Envy: its one of the seven deadly sins for a reason

Worrying about original ideas all the time: we all are borrowing and remixing everything all the time

OutKast and the Beatles and pusha t helped me with my writing

Let’s build the readership and the platform up a little bit practice. Curate later build ideas and then execute

How much does awareness really matter?

We are aware of a lot of problems in our lives and in society.

And a lot of the time, we don’t do anything about them.

We may know exactly how to solve our problems, the ins the outs

Awareness and action, abyss between that a lot of us get caught in

Show a man trying to clear gulf

We know so many things

That is not to say we care about everything fully

I can’t really call myself an environmentalist because I can’t eat meat.

Ive seen cowspiracy, forks over knives, know that eating meat is bad for the environment and for my body and yet I still eat meat.

Describing it makes it sound like I am a crazy person but really I think I’m normal.

Logic and informational arguments don’t always convince us and drive us to action and change in our real life.

I’ve known that i need to get more sleep and yet i don’t.

I basically sat in my apartment for two summers just reading books, taking notes on those books and writing. I did not have a fancy smancy job at this consulting firm or this tech company because I really like learning new things and want to be do doing that as much as possible.

That to me is priceless.

I don’t want to be a starving artist and I know I won’t be. But thinking too much about money in the start I think can mess up the intention and inspiration behind my work.

I don’t want to sell out.

I almost felt like I wasn’t learning by a certain point with books. I had to balance it with real life interviews and feedback. Makes book reading easier

Life is not a race as much as it may seem that way.

Don’t get fooled and the easiest person to fool is yourself.The easiest person to fool is myself. -Richard Feynman

I have a quote wall and book wall. Also have a book pharmacy

Reviewing books is just apart of putting in the work.

There are so many opinions and so many thoughts that we can have that we don’t think about what we can do.

We are inundated with information; from social media feeds to the news, we live in a non stop consumption of knowledge.

Some of it worries us, some of it misinforms us, some of it is so overbearing that we choose to just ignore it.

But mostly the way we consume our information is in sound bites. We skim the news on our phone or hear clips of audio or video from a new source.

Rarely are we able to comprehend and understand an entire point of view or even keep our attention on one topic before changing it to the next one.

Sadly I have fallen into this kind of behavior too. Whenever I have access to the internet my mind seems to go every which way and am never fully able to focus