41. 5 Lessons From Our First Year of Podcasting

We’re back to reflect on all of the ways we’ve grown from this last year of the Real Ballers Read Podcast. We’re excited to embark on this new chapter of the podcast with you all! Subscribe to our podcast and leave a review!

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0:40 What We’ve Been up to

6:49 The original purpose of the podcast

10:35 Lesson One- Go First

14:04 How We’ve Changed Through the Podcast

17:40 Lesson Two-Follow up

20:17 Our Favorite Email Chronicles

25:00 Lesson Three- Attention is the greatest gift that you can give to yourself and others

26:06 The impact of technology on how we give and receive attention

36:18 Lesson Four- Ask genuine questions

41:04 Lesson Five- Share Your Story

44:00 Is it possible to overshare your story?

49:00 Everyone needs a podcast

53:00 What Miles Is Looking Forward To

55:40 What Jan is Excited For

56:55 What Jan Has Been Reading

58:35 What Miles Has Been Reading

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