39. Things I Heard My Professor Say with Dr. Curtis Odom and Eli Boulous

On the first day of Dr. Curtis L. Odom’s capstone business class at Northeastern, Dr. Odom tells his students that anything he says twice they should write down.

Eli Boulous, a Senior student in the class one fall, heard this message and then proceeded to take copious notes of everything important Dr. Odom said. He meticulously organized these notes into quotations and by theme, and then gifted these notes to Dr. Odom at the end of the semester, with the title “Odom’s Playbook.”

Dr. Odom was so honored and humbled by the impact his words had on Eli and thought it was one of the best gifts he had ever received. Two years later, Dr. Odom reached out to Eli on LinkedIn asking if he wanted to adapt the playbook into a book, leading to it being published with them both as co-authors in 2021. And now in 2022, they joined us on the podcast right before they release their second book.Dr. Odom is truly a fountain of wisdom and both Dr. Odom and Eli are incredible speakers and storytellers.

The transition from studying to adulting is difficult to say the least.

Luckily, Dr. Curtis Odom and Eli Boulous have co-authored the perfect pair of books for those entering the working world in search of relevant, hard-earned wisdom: Things I Heard My Professor Say and Things I Heard Myself Say.

Listen in to hear their incredible stories and insights on creating your personal definition of success.

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