38. The Power of Betting On Yourself with Cree Myles

Cree Myles doesn’t believe in book blurbs. After years of reading the newest releases around the clock, she’s no longer fooled by any overly positive message on a book jacket. But when the author Jason Reynolds took the time to tweet about Noviolet Bulawayo’s new book, Glory, she knew his praise was genuine and decided to read the book for herself⏤and now, Glory is her favorite book of 2022. In this episode, we discuss the novel’s deft and humorous use of satire to illuminate recent Zimbabwean history and dive into Cree’s journey into becoming a book influencer and inaugural editor and curator of the Penguin Random House initiative All Ways Black. Cree’s story is an important reminder in the power of betting on yourself and we really enjoyed our conversation with her. We talk about everything from blue whales to political organizing, trap music, and Audre Lorde’s essay “The Uses of the Erotic.” You’ll love this one!

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